Interview with Vittorio Cavallini 

For exhibition Lost & Found

SRISA Gallery 11/8/12 - 12/01/12

Invited to intervene in the spaces of Santa Reparata International School of Art, Vittorio Cavallini has decided to introduce Vanoalto, a collaboration with designer Paola Mariani and some Tuscan artisans who focus on the possibility of transforming the world of objects through “reactivations”, which can best be defined as “mininal movements and poetic revelations”.  Cavallini is a Tuscan artist who has presented the "Laboratory" at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.  In his work he often takes the viewer through a physical and spatial intervention and sees his studio as a means towards collaboration, ultimately, as a tool for change.

AS: How will you intervene in the school's spaces?

VC: The school-based intervention began when we entered the lobby, we didn't know what we would do but then we started to look around and enjoy the things that were there in the space.  We sat on the couches and had a look at some magazines – we read about the program for the academic year ...

AS: You were talking about the possibility of using existing furnishings and about changing their function ...

VC: We assume that the space at SRISA is a place to sit, reflect, read, learn, wait, because it already has its furniture and its magazines and is ready to be inhabited. If you change the arrangement of furniture, you can  improve the usability of the objects or improve the functionality of the space, but  I could also simply state that sometimes there is an exaggerated desire for change and this change may lead to a different functionality of the thing or just a different feeling on the part of the user - but not necessarily in the sense that requires an improvement on an already given situation.

AS: You work often with recycled materials ...

VC: Working with recycled materials does not mean looking through the trash or making beautiful things with the scraps of society ... it is more of a desire for change, the transformation of something into something else ... considering the object never finished i think.  You feel a specific need that generates a request - what we're trying to do is to live each moment, to go along with our intuition in what we do by working with the means granted to us.

AS: What is Vanoalto?

VC: Vanoalto was born from the search for a space in which to work without knowing what work we would do.  For now we haven't exactly found the right space, so we'll just have to wait and see how “high” we're willing to take this design-project.

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